Stylish, Modern, and Safe with a Concrete Pool Deck!

When Melbourne’s scorching summer heat returns, there’s nowhere better to spend your days than by the side of a pool on a concrete pool deck! 

If you’ve been dreaming of putting in your own pool this summer, consider a concrete pool deck for your no-fuss solution!

Concrete for Your Pool Deck!

Completely resistant to water damage, concrete provides a low-maintenance, budget-friendly alternative decking material to complement your pool. When compared with other popular solutions, such as grass, stones, or wood, concrete’s sturdiness and durability leaves the others in the dust. It is also super easy to clean, and will help stop grass, mud, and dirt from polluting your pool.

Slipping – It’s All in the Past!

You’re probably thinking “concrete? For a pool decking? I can already see the crying kids!”

It’s true, wet concrete is extremely slippery and very dangerous. However, with our anti-slip technology, the concrete we provide for pools is as safe as any other decking solution! To achieve this, we roughen the surface with acid-washing, making it grip to your feet while still being smooth and stunning to look at. You’ll be able to walk through puddles with confidence! If you want your concrete polished, we can seal it with a low-slip finish to make it safe without sacrificing any of the lustre!

Concrete Pool Deck
Choose Your Style!

Concrete has a staggering variety of colours, patterns, and finishes to choose from. Most important is the aggregate – the pebbles inside the concrete that give it life! You can select the density and size of your aggregate, providing a level of customisation other flooring solutions don’t allow. For your finish, acid washing creates a rustic, homely look covered by unique patterns, while polished concrete fills your yard with contemporary, cutting-edge style!


When planning your pool, don’t forget to take the time to weigh up all your decking options. A well-thought-out concrete pool deck will assure your pool’s success! For a guaranteed winner, contact Eco Grind today to find out the benefits of polished concrete and enjoy this summer to the max!