For a relatively new industry, polished concrete is a big player in the area of flooring, particularly in the residential sector!  It is also a rapidly evolving industry, with a variety of options available for people to choose from, depending on their individual needs.  Burnished concrete is a different technique that is gaining momentum.

With a similar effect tBurnished Concreteo polished concrete, burnished concrete can be a cost-effective solution for those who want to achieve the polished concrete look in their home or business.  While polished concrete is an involved process, the burnished concrete technique uses an existing slab and specific polishing tools to get a similar effect.

If you are unfamiliar with this technique, it usually involves steel trowelling the surface until the concrete takes on a polished or glossy appearance the floor.  Additional powered trowelling is often required to ensure that no screed marks or footprints appear on the surface of the concrete.  The result is a long-lasting, heavy-duty and extremely smooth finish that is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial flooring.

There are different techniques and requirements involved for burnished concrete.  If you are considering this for your own home or business, Eco Grind can answer any questions you might have.  Our goal is to help people decide on the best concrete flooring solutions to fit their needs.

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