Shine on in Style! Reflective Concrete Floors for Your Home, Office, or Showroom!

Reflective concrete floors will make everything bigger and brighter! Your space, whether it be your home, office, or showroom, will radiate with lustre, light, cleanliness and style.

Reflective concrete is made by rigorous polishing completed with a high-gloss finish. The resulting floor appears much shinier than regular polished concrete.

What we hear most from our customers is that rooms with reflective concrete floors feel bigger. This is due to its reflective properties adding the illusion of depth, similarly to the effect of a mirror.

Reflective Concrete Floors

This is perfect for those wanting to make their spaces pop! At home, you can use it in your lounge room to add breathing space and modernise your interior. Office spaces will feel refreshing and roomy, making staff more relaxed and productive. Showrooms will gleam with brilliant energy, giving extra light and space to present your goods.

There are economic benefits to reflective concrete floors too! During the day, ample sunlight will shine in and flood the room. This will brighten everything up, even on overcast or gloomy days, and reduce the need to use electric lighting. At night, polished concrete reflects brilliantly against household lighting, illuminating the room and reducing the need for extra lighting. You’ll soon start to notice your electricity bills going down!

Polished concrete floors are also the epitome of cleanliness and refreshment! Their properties make them easy to maintain, so expensive cleaning products are completely unnecessary. They also hold heat during winter and are cool to the touch in summer. Before you know it, you’ll have stopped relying on your air-conditioner as much as before! These reasons, plus others, are why we crown polished concrete as the most economical flooring available!

To find out more about the benefits that reflective concrete floors can bring to your space, check out our website or give us a call anytime!