Polished Concrete Bathrooms – The ins and outs and everything between…

In any given home, the bathroom floors are exposed the most to differing extremities. Extremities including water, humidity changes and staining agents which spill and splatter.

If you choose to have polished concrete bathrooms, you get a floor that is suited to handling even the toughest environment hazards. Combined with an array of differing color choices and aggregates you can have both a functional and beautiful surface within your bathroom.

Polished Concrete Bathrooms

What Lurks Above The Surface…
Concrete is a material which is naturally absorbent. It has a natural ability to soak up moisture from both spills and humidity through its minute interstices. Because of this fact, we highly recommended you clean up spills and maintain the polished concrete bathrooms – if left untreated for a long period of time your floors will stain the surface. Mildew and other microorganisms can also start growing and be quite harmful to the quality of air within the bathroom.

The Easy Solution…
A solution to dramatically elevating the natural absorbency of concrete, we recommend sealing your concrete floor. Sealing a concrete floor is relatively easy to do. We have a team of highly professional polished concrete floor specialists who will do the job quickly and efficiently! Applying a sealant to your concrete slab will create an impregnable barrier to the floor which is naked to the eye. This will ensure your flooring is impervious to moisture penetration. We highly recommend reapplying sealant every 1-2 yrs.

You’re Hot and You’re Cold, You’re Yes then You’re No!
Concrete is a great conductor of heat, it has an ability to absorb and release thermal energy fairly quickly and efficiently. Because of this fact, we can provide you with a number of temperature options when installing your polished concrete floor.

Care About Your Concrete
Concrete is quite easy to take care of. You can dry or wet mop, sweep, or vacuum to remove small debris lingering on the floor on a weekly basis. Then as mentioned above re-apply sealant to protect it from splishes and splashes.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger of Floor types

Like with anything in life, if you take proper measures to care for your floor it can last a lifetime. The initial outlay of cost may seem a little bit daunting, but when you break it down over the years by the fact that these floor applications and treatments will last you decades beyond any other material on the market, it’s actually exceptionally cost effective.

Have we got you intrigued? Are you considering having your bathroom floors converted to polished concrete? Get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you and answer any and all questions related to polished concrete bathrooms.