You’ve got your dream home and dream floors – the next step is to choose the best room colours for polished concrete floors.

The truth is, there is no best colour, because every colour choice looks amazing! And when it comes to room colours for polished concrete floors, what really matters is choosing the colours that align with your personality and style.

Our solution is to bring you a series of articles on all of the most popular room colours for polished concrete floors, and share some of our favourite and inspiring ideas.

We’re going to bring you all of the best rooms we can find, and help you set your inner interior designer free!

Over the next few months, you can expect to see lounge rooms, kitchens and bedrooms – all of the key rooms that can benefit from concrete polishing. We’ll bring them to you in a variety of colours – from primary colours to subtle shades.

So, which colours can you expect to see?

Room Colours for Polished Concrete Floors

Cooling Ocean Hues

Blue, aqua, turquoise – the ultimate colours of peace and tranquility. If you want to create a sense of calm, definitely consider choosing these room colours for polished concrete floors.

At its core, the colour aqua is about water – creating a coastal or island feel for those who love a home that is either pretty or ocean-inspired. Lightly toned polished concrete floors are an ideal foundation on which to build your design, as the open and airy feel that aqua brings to any space can make it polished concrete’s best colour friend.

If you are looking at going blue, you have an array of shades to choose from – sky, cobalt, royal, navy… The beautiful thing about blue is that you can mix different shades or levels of colour.

In cool lounge rooms and bedrooms you can layer tones for a multi-dimensional effect. Alternatively, you can create a breezy kitchen that can be either a stand out with bright lower cabinets or subtle pops of colour.

All watery, ocean hues compliment the versatility of polished concrete. Keep everything cool and let your interior ooze the relaxed vibe so many people seek!

Calling all nature lovers!

If you love to surround yourself with nature, then earthy tones or colours that remind you of the rainforest might be your best choice for interior shades that go with your glossy floors.

The spectrum of greens can really look stunning against polished concrete. When choosing room colours for polished concrete floors, remember that this fantastic canvas will make your sage, forest, mint or lime green decor look amazing.

Other neutral tones can add depth to your rooms without committing to a brighter colour palette. Soft neutral tones such as earthy browns and soft creams can really let your polished concrete floors take centre stage.

Whether you choose nature-inspired wall colours, cabinets or furniture, or add greenery from outside to create a natural haven, no room is off limits. It is a particularly striking palette for lounge rooms and bedrooms, and rich, dark greens can also make for an envy-inspiring kitchen!

When combined with polished concrete floors the effect of natural colours can be both breathtaking and calming.

Bright and Bold

We love to see our customers choose bright room colours for polished concrete floors.

They can opt for a primal and bold red, cheery yellow or lively orange – these statement colours always bring high energy to a space. The bolder end of the spectrum can make a lounge room pop, give a kitchen a vibrant buzz, or liven up an otherwise dull area.

Considered to be an auspicious colour in many cultures, bringing some red into your home can make for a joyful space that feels luxurious and rich.

A red or orange-themed kitchen proves to be a wonderful heart of the home, and red is known to be a trigger for appetite – perhaps the perfect colour to get kids to eat their dinner!

With so many different shades of these colours to pick from, you can choose to match your polished concrete with soft buttery tones, darker hues, or something in between.

Room Colours for Polished Concrete Floors

Elegant Monochrome

Polished concrete floors can be a perfect piece of art all by themselves. If you want your floors to take centre-stage, then layering different shades of grey or adding black and white interior elements might be the best choice for you.

This choice is anything but dull. In recent years, grey has proven to the be dark horse of the design spectrum, and there are many shades and lots of ways to use this versatile choice.

Introducing black and white is a great way to draw attention to your polished concrete feature – they add a touch of sophistication that never dates.


Let us take you on an inspiring ride, as we bring you some of the top interior design ideas and help you choose the best room colours for polished concrete floors in your home.

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Room Colours for Polished Concrete Floors