By Resurfacing Concrete Floors, you can get the most out of your tired, old concrete slab and create something amazing.

If you’ve chosen to go ahead with resurfacing your concrete floors, don’t leave the job to just anyone. Entrusting this work to the best in the business will ensure that you are thrilled with the results year after year.

So, what is involved with resurfacing concrete floors? When you choose Eco Grind, your floors are treated with the greatest of care and the latest technology. We give your home or business the same level of care that we would our own.

Here are a few key methods used when resurfacing concrete…

Polished Concrete

If you are after a durable, high-gloss finish for your high traffic or living spaces without the need for wax or coatings, then polished concrete is for you. With state-of-the-art polishing machines, Eco Grind reveals the unique beauty of your concrete slab, exposing aggregate and grinding the surface until your desired result is achieved.

Polished concrete is extremely hard-wearing, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. It is perfect for your living areas and brings instant WOW-factor to any room.

Resurfacing Concrete Floors
Grind and Seal

For that edgy warehouse look that is iconically “Melbourne”, grind and seal might be your resurfacing system of choice. Rather than the full polished concrete experience, grind and seal involved grinding back the concrete substrate, then coating with a polyurethane or epoxy sealant. Ideal for industrial, retail, and hospitality spaces, grind and seal is less labour-intensive, therefore often being more cost-effective than polished concrete. It also results in a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface, which is great for high-traffic areas.

Acid Etching

Your outdoor area’s best friend, acid etching is the go-to for anyone looking for a more textured surface that is non-slip and looks fantastic. Also known as exposed aggregate, acid etching involves opening the pores of the surface with an acid wash before sealing it for protection and longevity. Acid Etch is a great solution for areas that get hit by rain or other water sources, like driveways, patios and pool surrounds.


For more information about any of our services, and to get the ball rolling on resurfacing concrete floors in your home or business, contact the expert team at Eco Grind today.

Resurfacing Concrete Floors