Residential Polished Concrete has become increasingly popular in the last few years with the decorative concrete starting to replace traditional floorboards, tiles, carpets and lino as the preferred flooring option.


Previously polished concrete was generally used by hotels, museums, theatres and other businesses to give an air of sophistication but now more families are starting to use it in their homes.

residential polished concrete

Residential Polished Concrete has risen in popularity largely due to its versatility as a flooring option and the public’s desire to customise their homes. It can be stained or dyed a variety of colours and has options for light or heavy gloss coatings. It can also have engravings or stencils marked into the concrete. With designs which can include, grids, borders, and complicated patterns.

Polished concrete is also more resistant to damage than traditional flooring options boasting increased protection against marks, stains, scratches and other unwanted blemishes. Its flat hardened surface gives it a high level of slip resistance when not contaminated with water or other substances. Concrete is also quick and easy to clean and maintain, requiring only mopping and sweeping, eliminating the need for extensive use of cleaning products. It does not require frequent maintenance with some of the decorative concrete able to last years without the need for maintenance, depending on how frequently it’s used. In the long term, it can also be cheaper than other options due to its relatively easy maintenance.

residential polished concrete

It can also be environmentally friendly incorporating recycled materials in the design with crushed glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings able to be used in the design process. The concrete can be made up of fly ash and slag cement, both waste by-products of common manufacturing faculties.

Residential Polished Concrete doesn’t harbour mould or allergens, the smooth glossy surface eliminating cracks and crevices that shelter the potentially harmful bacteria. The smooth shiny look is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but can reflect natural light increasing ambient lighting. The surface is also able to potentially trap heat helping to make the family home warmer. Residential Polished Concrete is fast becoming the preferred flooring option in households for its durability, versatility and easy maintenance.

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