Renovating Floors with Polished Concrete

More free time on your hands than you would normally have? Some home renovations may be on the cards. Consider renovating floors with polished concrete from Eco Grind Polished Concrete.

There are countless ways you can update your home. Renovating floors with polished concrete is a great way to modernise your home, freshening it up in ways you never thought possible.

It’s a sustainable solution

Renovating floors with polished concrete is economical and sustainable. You can polish both new and existing concrete floors. This eco-friendly flooring solution enables you to use materials that are already present in the chosen space.

It’s durable and easy to maintain

Polished concrete is hard wearing and durable. It will stand the test of time because it doesn’t chip. You can’t say the same about other flooring materials, like timber for instance. It’s easy to clean and scratch resistant. It’s also an excellent choice for anyone with allergies to other flooring materials.

Renovating Floors with Polished Concrete

What is involved?

Heavy duty polishing machines equipped with diamond abrasive grits grind down the surface of the floor to your desired level of smoothness and shine. Existing and new concrete floors can be grinded down to a matte or gloss finish. It doesn’t matter what state your current concrete floor is, it can be evaluated, repaired and converted into any type of floor you want.

You choose your end result

There are a few exposure levels and finishes you can choose from. Full exposure means the grinding process takes your concrete right down to the maximum exposure of stones. It’s the easiest level of exposure to achieve but gives you phenomenal results.

Random exposure will give you the lightest aggregate possible and a unique salt and pepper finish. The work is well worth the result. Finally, acid etching will be open the pores of the concrete so the gloss finish can adhere to the surface, giving you magnificent results.

Experience the joy of having stunning floors that give your home an instant lift. Get the professionals to give you some amazing results. Contact the team at Eco Grind today!