Looking for a way to brighten up your living space? Reflective Floors will do just that, and they’re great for most areas of your home.

Reflective floors can be achieved by polishing an existing concrete floor. The result is a reflective, satin finish that adds instant light and a brighter feel to your home. Polished concrete floors are really on trend in home decorating and design.

Reflective floors for any part of your home

Polished concrete floors are perfect for lounge rooms, entertaining areas, rumpus and game rooms, and kitchens. This is a hard-wearing surface that can handle a lot of foot traffic… it is made for living on. Reflective floors are in style – and there’s a wide variety of colours available to suit your colour schemes and themes.

Reflective Floors

A sustainable option

Polished concrete is a sustainable choice because you’re using what is already available in the space. No matter what the condition of the floor, Eco Grind can evaluate, repair, and convert it into the type of floor your desire.

Durability plus

Polished concrete is really easy to maintain. You won’t need to use harsh chemical cleaners, which in turns makes the surface safer for your family and pets. It doesn’t get chipped like timber, terrazzo, or marble. An added bonus – it is also hypoallergenic. Anyone and everyone can live and breathe around this material. You don’t have to worry about allergies.

You decide what you want

There are a few options. To get the most reflective floor, you’ll want full exposure with a gloss finish. Using machines with diamond abrasive grits, the surface of the floors will be grinded down to fully expose the stones underneath. That gives your floor that reflective, lustrous look. You can also choose partial (or random) exposure which gives a unique but attractive salt-and-pepper finish.


For a stunning floor that brightens up your home, be sure to contact Eco Grind today for a chat and an obligation-free quote.