Random exposure polished concrete Yellingbo – who says regional Victoria has to compromise on style in the name of practicality?

Nestled in the Yarra Valley region, you’ll find a new home with stunning, unique floors.  The random exposure polished concrete Yellingbo is a perfect example of this finish.

So what is random exposure, and what is involved in duplicating the look we created in this random exposure polished concrete job in Yellingbo?

What we did

We had the advantage of being able to complete these works before the construction was finished.  This made the job a lot easier, and meant that it was easy to get the best result for these Yellingbo property owners.  With such a large area, you want the effect to reflect the grandeur of the space.

Random Exposure Polished Concrete Yellingbo
Random Exposure Polished Concrete

What is random exposure

Like with this random exposure polished concrete Yellingbo job, the effect refers to the salt and pepper finish that so many people are after.  This means that there are patches of light to nil exposure, paired with patches of full or heavy exposure.

Once the grinding had been completed, the final gloss finish was applied, creating a mirror effect that adds an even richer element to the polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Yellingbo

Just check out the mix of black and neutral-toned aggregate that came through after grinding!  This is why we love doing what we do – every job is a chance to uncover something wonderful within a concrete slab.  Nobody really knows what the finished product will look like, and exposing aggregate can feel like digging for buried treasure!

Random Exposure Polished Concrete Yellingbo

Here is the finished product – random exposure polished concrete that is a little bit luxe and a whole lot of practical! Not only do these happy owners have a showpiece floor, but they have one of the easiest floors to look after in the history of flooring!


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