Concrete is one of the most durable flooring materials available. It’s naturally strong and requires very little maintenance. Polished concrete is concrete that has been mechanically treated through a series of steps using special equipment.

process of concrete polishing

The Process of Concrete Polishing usually consists of three basic steps, grinding, honing and polishing. Machines with coarse diamond pads are used to grind down the concrete to the desired level and smoothness. A hardener is then added to densify the concrete. The hardener penetrates the concrete and creates a chemical reaction to help strengthen it. This increases its already impressive durability. At this stage, any colours, stains or finishes are also added. Special machines are then used to grind the slab with increasingly finer blades until the desired level of shine is achieved. It can be low, medium or a high-level mirror-like shine.

If a deeper colour is desired, extra colour is added before the final polishing. Protective treatments can be applied last, which if done correctly, will lessen the need for maintenance in the intervening years. If the Process Of Concrete Polishing has been done properly by professionals its longevity increases dramatically.

process of concrete polishing

Polished Concretes versatility and durability are appealing to modern homeowners who like a floor they can customize to their own tastes and is less likely to be damaged. The options for colours, textures, and finishes are virtually limitless and can be modified to suit personal tastes. Custom engravings, saw cuts and graphics can create a one of a kind floor to suit the homeowner’s own style.

The Process Of Concrete Polishing is considered one of the most environmentally friendly treatments available. It creates very little waste and can be constructed with completely recyclable materials. Waste such as crushed glass, recycled plastics, marble chips and metal shavings able to be used in the design process. The concrete can be made up of fly ash or slag cement, two waste by-products of common manufacturing faculties.

Polished concrete is a durable, versatile and sleek flooring option which is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.


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