Pool Concrete Polished Floors – There are a few things needed to be achieved for polished concrete around your pool. It should be soft on the feet and having a nonslip surface is crucial to you and your families safety.

Having such a vast array of knowledge when it comes to polished concrete, we know what finishes and techniques are needed to be used to implement these features.

Eco Grind can create or transform your homes’ pool and outdoor wet areas into a safe, easy to maintain and create a beautiful space for your family and friends to enjoy your homes’ pool and wet areas.

Take a look at this outdoor pool area using with our Grind and Seal with a NonSlip coating. We’re loving the look of a Grind and Sealed pool area!
Pool Concrete Polished Floors
With our Eco Grind specialists vast array of knowledge, combined with the latest technology and products on the market, you can rest assured your family can enjoy this summer on new safe and easy to maintain pool concrete polished floors.
With summer heating up contact us now for a free, no obligation phone consultation, we’d love to work with you to create that desired look for your outdoor pool area!