Polished floors are the most life resistant flooring option.


Damage, water, allergen and pet resistant, they survive anything thrown at them. This sleek flooring option can turn a whole room around with its understated detail and classic shine.

polished floors

The simplicity of polished concrete goes beyond aesthetic, they’re one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. A polished concrete floor is not only a sleek, modern aesthetic choice. It’s also an investment. Because of the neutral and sleek look of concrete floors, they don’t go out of style and have the ultimate longevity due to their strength.

Polished floors go through a series of grinding and sealing to achieve their shine. Grinding gradually gets finer until the desired shine is achieved on the concrete. Unlike wooden floorboards, no wax is involved in the sealing process so no residue or chemicals are left behind, making polished floors great for pets and children. The smooth surface also makes the surface dust and allergen resistant, perfect for asthma sufferers.

polished floors

A shiny surface sounds easy to damage. However, polished floors are scratch resistant. This property increases the lifespan of the floor. They can last for decades. Polished concrete is easy to clean, a PH neutral cleanser and water is enough so there’s no need for expensive cleansers full of chemicals.

This flooring type is great for kitchens and bathrooms, they’re easily maintained and can transform any room into a modern space. The sine and understated detail of polished floors creates an interesting aspect that’s not overpowering to the rest of the room. Polished floors suit any home and lifestyle.

polished floors

They’re perfect for those with little time for maintenance, those who have children or pets and those who suffer from allergies. Polished concrete offers ease in the home and they add an interesting yet sleek element for those who just want something different in their home. Contact us for quality polished floor services from EcoGrind.