If you’re looking for eco friendly floors, you can’t go past polished concrete.

There’s a world of flooring options out there, and one thing many of them have in common are the harmful effects they can have on the environment. Eco friendly floors really should start taking centre-stage in homes and businesses across the country.

Polished concrete floors are different. As no harsh chemicals or delicate materials are needed, polished concrete results in unique, eco friendly floors, and is one of the most sustainable choices in flooring.

Whether it be new or old, concrete can be polished to a clean, slick shine that brightens and modernises any space. By grinding down the concrete using polishing machines, the desired level of smoothness and exposure can be achieved without any need for chemicals, adhesives or cleaners. There is a world of difference between these eco friendly floors and other popular flooring solutions.

Eco friendly floors

Take, for example, timber flooring. To polish timber, harsh, toxic chemicals must be used which is damaging to health and the environment. Unlike concrete, one of the strongest materials available, timber is also delicate and not scratch-resistant. A dropped knife or heavy pot in the kitchen will likely cause some kind of mark. Likewise, the entrance to your home is easy to become scuffed due to high traffic.

For a busy family with plenty of guests, pets and activities, it is likely that you’ll be resurfacing your timber flooring a number of times during your lifetime. Professionals suggest that an average timber floor should be resurfaced roughly every 10-15 years, meaning that most houses have already had it done at least once. Unfortunately, the chemicals needed to resurface timber flooring are harmful to our environment, and the less we need to use them, the better.

With polished concrete flooring, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to expose the environment, yourself, your family or your co-workers to these toxic chemicals, meaning that by selecting these eco friendly floors you’ll be minimising your impact on the world and keeping your home or office safe.