Summer is only a few days away, but there is still time to prepare your backyard for the sunny season with some strategically placed polished concrete. A backyard pool is the focal point of any entertaining area, and the surrounds should be both atheistically pleasing and water safe.

Polished concrete has a vast array of textures, colours and patterns that allow for a custom built design. Pebbles, crushed glass and glitter can all be added to the mix to create a unique design to bring colour and life to the outdoor pool area. Polished concrete can mimic other design choices such as pavers and timber but with all the strength and benefits of concrete. It can also be made to imitate more expensive materials like porcelain or marble but at a fraction of the cost. If polished concrete is anywhere else on the property, the colour scheme can be made to flow seamlessly with other areas.

Polished Concrete Pool Areas are bound to get wet at some point, during chaotic pool activities such as volleyball, bombing or Marco Polo, water is bound to be splashed everywhere, creating a slippery surface and a dangerous hazard. Polished concrete can be honed and sealed to increase its grip and help make it slip resistant. Polished Concrete Pool Areas create the safest environment for friends, family and visitors while they enjoy the long, hot days by the water.

Polished Concrete Pool Areas high sheen can also reflect light, and enhance the colour of the water. The smooth cooling surface is soothing and soft under bare feet, unlike other unforgiving alternatives, it won’t hurt or scuff your feet. The seamless surface also has no cracks or lines for weeds, grass or ants to slip between and ruin the look of the area. It also eliminates the need for weeding and intrusive maintenance.

Polished Concrete Pool Areas are durable and won’t scratch, dent or stain under normal circumstances. Pool chemicals can be harsh and deteriorate weaker alternatives, and the sun won’t fade or melt Polished Concrete Pool Areas.

Polished concrete provides a safe, aesthetically pleasing pool area that is also durable enough to survive this and any future summers intact. Keep watching this space for more on how to use polished concrete to make your backyard summer ready.