Another week of summer is here and with it, another round of how to use polished concrete in backyard features to make the backyard summer ready. Polished Concrete is incredibly versatile with its colours, textures and customisation options making it suited to fit virtually any space in the backyard. BBQ areas, driveways, pool areas and even patios/verandahs.

Polished Concrete Outdoor Patios are the ultimate in design versatility. They are a modern way of getting an indoor feeling outside and make an incredible outdoor area that can be customised to suit different styles, colour schemes or tastes. With Polished Concrete Outdoor Patios, you can achieve whatever design works with the house and surrounding areas; the only limit is imagination. It can be poured into any shape or size to suit restrictive backyards or slabs already in place can be polished and transformed to be as smooth as glass.

Polished Concrete Outdoor Patios can be stamped, dyed, stained and resemble other materials but without the drawbacks of higher prices or frequent intrusive maintenance. Crushed glass, glitter and a myriad of other things can be added to enhance the decorative concrete.

For those warm days inside and outside can be blended in one seamless polished concrete area with no edges or gaps to trip on. Polished Concrete Outdoor Patios can also be upgraded and customised with extras features, a fire pit for cooking. Tables and chairs for eating outside on summer afternoons. An outdoor kitchen or even a fountain to add the soothing sounds of water to the outdoor entertaining area. Polished concretes strength and durability will ensure that no stains or marks are inflicted on the surface, making sure it can survive the harsh climate and anything else thrown at it this summer intact.

Polished Concrete Outdoor Patios are easy to clean because it has a solid surface with no cracks for food, dirt or moisture to accumulate. The sturdy uninterrupted area also protects against infestations from ants and other pests as well as weeds and grass from sprouting. It’s safe, can be made slip resistant with sealers and has the added benefit of being cool on bare feet.

So transform the patio/verandah with some polished concrete this summer to enhance the outdoor entertaining area. Don’t forget to check back next week for more on how to use polished concrete in backyard features and make the backyard summer ready.