While many spend hours of their time wading through the benefits and demerits of different flooring solutions, most end up coming to the same conclusion – Polished Concrete Melbourne!

If you’re seeking new flooring for your Melbourne property, polished concrete should be at the top of your list! Below are just some of the benefits that polished concrete can bring to your Melbourne home! 

High thermal mass 

Dense materials like concrete and brick have an extremely high thermal mass, which means that it is exceedingly difficult to change its temperature. This ensures that polished concrete is able to easily absorb and retain heat energy, keeping your home warm year-round and reducing the need for additional heating and air conditioning. Needless to say, polished concrete is one of the best ways to further reduce your carbon emissions!

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Easy to maintain 

Excessive time and money spent cleaning and maintaining floors is simply time and money wasted. Thankfully, polished concrete requires minimal maintenance, with basic sweeping/vacuuming and mopping all that is required to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. No harsh cleaning products or visits from specialised maintenance people are required, so you can put that time and money to better use!

Great for outdoors

While it’s lovely to have a grass lawn, the increasingly dry climate of Melbourne will likely make the bright, green grass that we’re used to increasingly more difficult to maintain. Acid etch concrete is a great replacement for grass that will transform your outdoor space into a sleek and stylish entertainment hub ideal for BBQs, pool areas, and more. With a special non-slip solution, you won’t have to worry about slipping when wet. Furthermore, for those with allergies, getting rid of grass will drastically reduce your flair ups and make surviving spring with hay fever a breeze!

Super long-lasting Polished Concrete Melbourne

Best of all, once you’ve laid down and polished your slab, it’s there to stay! Even outside under the harsh rays and rain of Melbourne, it’ll keep its lustre and energy for years to come, only requiring occasional retouches every now and then for added brilliance.


With all these reasons and more, we hope we’ve convinced you that polished concrete Melbourne is the ultimate flooring solution. Contact Eco Grind today for more information and get the stress-free flooring you’ve always wanted!

Melbourne Polished Concrete