Our Favourite Polished Concrete Melbourne Ideas for Winter

Polished concrete for flooring can be an excellent choice for Melbourne winters. It is gaining popularity because of its versatility and physical properties. So, let’s look at how we can make the best use of polished concrete for your home.

Winter Polished Concrete Melbourne ideas

Use it anywhere in your home

There is no restriction on which part of the house you can use polished concrete. The floors of your kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor entertainment, and indoor gym can all be polished concrete. So, it is a versatile kind of flooring.


Use it for residential or commercial purposes

Office floors too can be made of polished concrete. It is also a sustainable and eco-friendly design option, so you also reduce your carbon footprint.


Use it if you need a durable flooring solution

Another advantage of polished concrete floors is that they are durable and don’t chip, unlike other materials such as timber.


Use it according to your desired level of smoothness

One can use heavy-duty polishing machines to achieve the desired smoothness level. These are fitted with abrasive diamond grits to grind down the floor’s surface to get either a matte or a high-gloss finish.

Use the right service provider for your floor

There are several businesses that help you polish your concrete, but by choosing the right one, you will be able to get a thorough evaluation and the right kind of repair so you can convert your floor the way you like it.


Use an acrylic sealer to enhance the aesthetics of your floor

Service providers also provide acrylic sealers that also come in epoxy or polyurethane. These can be used on all types of floors and also come with either a matte or a high-gloss finish.

We can polish any kind of floor- new or existing- to give it a look you want. You can choose between either full exposure or partial exposure polishing. Moreover, once we finish, cleaning your floor becomes easier, and you also needn’t worry about scratches. Your floor will also be allergy-free.


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