Polished Concrete Melbourne

Low maintenance flooring doesn’t get any better than polished concrete Melbourne!

Popular in both corporate and domestic spaces in Melbourne, it requires little up-keep and continues to look stunning throughout the duration of its long life. Polished concrete Melbourne is also allergy-free, makes great use of natural light and insulates superbly well.

With several styles of polished concrete floors on offer, you can be sure to find one that gives glowing accent and complementarity to a wide range of contemporary design and décor. Choosing polished concrete floors in Melbourne also makes sense when used creatively to give a signature look to a high-end fashion retail store, or to sections of a hotel foyer.

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Polished concrete floors are easy to look after and the floor is unlikely to need replacing. In a domestic situation, a quick whiz over each day with a micro-fibre mop is about all you’ll need to do. If the floor does develop heavier soiling, it will likely require more intensive localised cleaning with a PH-neutral solution. This is especially true in commercial settings which demand a bit more of your attention.

But given the relative permanency of concrete, you’re not going to want to rush the decision-making process. Think about the types and finishes that will express your vision most clearly. Examples of polished concrete floors that can give completely different effects include Grind & Seal, Acid Etched Polish, and Epoxy Coatings. Industry experts recommend Epoxy coatings for commercial kitchens and industrial applications due to their greater chemical resistance.

So if you’d like polished concrete floors in your home or business, get in touch with the expert team at Eco Grind.

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