Polished Concrete Melbourne for Retail Stores

Give your store a sleek and sustainable new look with polished concrete Melbourne for retail stores!

The coolest and strongest flooring solution on the market, polished concrete for retail stores in Melbourne is long lasting, needs only minimal maintenance and looks simply breathtaking!

Here are 5 benefits of polished concrete Melbourne for retail stores.


The pure and unmatched strength of polished concrete makes for the perfect flooring solution for any store – especially busy ones! Having potentially hundreds or even thousands of feet walking on your floor each week will inevitably wear down other flooring solutions such as timber or carpet.  Even something as insignificant as dropping a phone on timber flooring can leave a harsh and noticeable blemish. Polished concrete, however, will not be so easily damaged! In fact, polished concrete is so tough that we have to use diamond grits to polish it down – anything but diamond is simply not strong enough!


Polished Concrete Melbourne for Retail Stores


Sleek, cool and modern. If you want to project a 21st-Century image for your business or store, polished concrete is the ultimate choice. Its stunning industrial colour palettes, beaming shimmer and sparkling gloss will please your customers and present your goods with class and grace.


Concrete stays cool during summer and warm during winter, making your store’s environment naturally more refreshing and eco-friendly. You won’t have to waste as much money on heating and cooling, so you can save money while staying comfortable. 


Our polished concrete method uses existing concrete slabs, which are then ground down and polished to your desired level of shine and aggregate (the amount of pebbles and how large they appear). This means that no new materials are being used for your flooring, further saving you money and helping the environment! The unique simplicity involved in cleaning polished concrete also means that you can save extra time, as well as further help the Earth by not needing to use toxic chemicals. Soap and water are more than enough for polished concrete!


So, if you want to add some shine back into your store and re-energise your staff, customers and products, give Eco Grind a call today and we’ll come out to assess your concrete and see what we can do!

Concrete Polishing for Retail Stores Melbourne