polished concrete melbourne


Have you just considered polished concrete Melbourne as an option for your flooring? Are you unsure what décor to have you in your home to perfectly match your floors?

One of the best qualities of these floors are their ability to be timeless—while certain décor will eventually become dated, polished concrete will never go out of style. If you’re looking for timeless décor to go with your timeless floors, here are five suggestions:

1. Wooden furniture and marble textures

Wooden furniture and marble textures add another layer to a home and provide some extra warmth to your polished concrete melbourne home. While wooden furniture can easily be bought, you can have marble textures in the form of kitchen and/or bathroom benchtops.


2. White walls

White walls complement polished concrete Melbourne homes, especially floors that are grey or brown in colour, as they can provide much needed contrast. They also provide another way to reflect light in the house. Alternatively, if you’re walls are coloured, you can achieve a similar affect through white furniture.

polished concrete
polished concrete flooring

3. Colours

While adding colour to a home is an obvious and natural thing to do, when it comes to adding colour to a polished concrete melbourne floor, neutral colours can provide a soothing vibe while bright colours add personality.


4. Rugs

While polished concrete floors are slip resistant and rugs aren’t necessary, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have rugs in your Melbourne home. Rugs can add texture, personality and a sense of colour to your home.

5. Plants

Plants can add colour, personality and literally life to any room in a house, let alone a Melbourne home with polished concrete floors. If you have a window box or enough room with plenty of light, you can always have a herb garden for both decoration and your meals.

So now you have five ideas on how to timelessly decorate your polished concrete melbourne homes. All you have to do is think about what décor would work best and start shopping! Ecogrind are the experts and you can check out their amazing work here