Polished Concrete Making A Statement in Your Bathroom

Adding luxuriousness to your bathroom, polished concrete not only brings aesthetic beauty but also gives many great benefits that make it a fantastic flooring choice.

A space that usually consists of tiles, choosing polished concrete in your bathroom provides an alternative which is cost effective, low maintenance, durable and available in a range of colours and finishes.

Compared to other materials such as timber and ceramic, concrete is extremely durable. Thanks to its hard-wearing properties, polished concrete will not chip, making it a great flooring choice for all areas of the home including bathrooms. Its longevity and durability will no doubt make it an enticing flooring option for an area that is used frequently.

When it comes to design, polished concrete is not just a plain grey colour that you may see in many outdoor areas. With a range of colours, stone exposure and surface finishes, there are many design options to suit the colour scheme of your bathroom and home. From full to partial stone exposure, you can have as little or as much stone in your concrete mix providing a unique look. Whether you like a matte or gloss finish, this is another option that you have the ability to choose for your space. Whichever flooring finish is chosen, each is coated with a non-slip lacquer ensuring safety is a top priority, especially in an area that is succumbed to water.

Polished Concrete Bathrooms

Along with durability and easy maintenance, its reflective properties can also help bring extra light in your room, allowing you to keep energy costs down along. These properties will also make your bathroom look light and bright improving its aesthetic beauty. Seen as a growing trend, polished concrete in your bathroom will no doubt make a statement.   

Providing beauty that is contemporary and modern, you cannot help fall in love with this flooring option. No need for grout, polished concrete is a functional and low maintenance option showcasing a clean and sleek style for your space. In an area where water is prominent, polished concrete will minimise any water damage to your room.

Leaders in the industry, Eco Grind can provide expert advice and everything you need to know about polished concrete for your bathroom and other areas of the home. No matter the condition of your floors, we can provide a new slab or recreate your desired look on pre-existing concrete. Eco Grind’s expertise and knowledge will provide a luxe finish along with being a cost effective, durable and low maintenance option.   

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