At Eco Grind, we know our polished concrete living rooms – they are taking centre-stage in homes all over Melbourne and making our chill zones more liveable!

When you enter any home with polished concrete floors in the living areas, the first thing you’ll notice is how stunning they look. But there is so much more to polished concrete living rooms than meets the eye.
We’re talking about practicality, easy maintenance, and stress-free family living! Our living rooms are where we entertain, where we relax and, for families, a zone where toys and food often come together.
And polished concrete living rooms are perfect – whatever your living room is used for! No need to worry about kids dropping crumbs or spilling drinks on carpet, no fear of dog or cat odours, and no grout to scrub clean or bleach for stain removal. You won’t get scratches from toys or shoes, unlike those you can get with timber floors or tiles.
If you’re still not completely convinced, we have a few samples of polished concrete living rooms to seal the deal!
Family Living Space in Pakenham Upper
Check out the full exposure, high gloss finish for this huge living room in Pakenham Upper. We’re sure the kids will be thrilled with all the space they have to play!
It’s quite possibly the smartest choice this family has made for their new home.
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
Light Random Exposure in Malvern
The owners of this property in Malvern have created a wonderful, cosy living space to accommodate two or twenty people. The light random exposure makes for an intriguing finish that will complement any furniture and play against the glow of the integrated gas fireplace.
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
The Ultimate Man Cave Flooring
Men just wanna have fun… in their own man cave. Whether it is a space to share, or a fully dedicated male zone, the man cave is a brilliant candidate when it comes to polished concrete living rooms.
The low maintenance benefits are immeasurable, it looks brilliant, and it will be the envy of mates everywhere. Not to mention that it can withstand dropped pool balls and misdirected darts!
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
Polished Concrete Living Rooms
Are you considering polished concrete living rooms in your home? It’s definitely time to have a chat with Eco Grind. With experience spanning years, and covering all areas of Melbourne, we’re happy to help you create a living space that your whole family will enjoy!