Polished Concrete in Bathrooms: The Luxe Look For Your Space

Polished concrete is a luxe flooring option perfect for any residential space. However, many raise the question whether you can have polished concrete in bathrooms.

The answer is yes. Just like any other bathroom flooring options including tiles, polished concrete can be slippery when wet. However, this should not be a deterrence choosing polished concrete in your bathroom. 

Polished concrete floors are finished with a slip resistant seal, creating a surface that is ideal for your bathroom along with all other areas of the home. Compared to tiles, polished concrete provides a clean look with no grout joins.  No grout joins reduce the risk of mould, creating an easy maintenance solution for your bathroom. There is nothing more appealing than a flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain, leaving you more time to enjoy the more important things in life.

Polished Concrete in Bathrooms
Polished Concrete in Bathrooms

There is so much to love about polished concrete. Low maintenance is only one of the many properties that stand out. Compared to tiles and floorboards, polished concrete is one of the most durable materials which does not chip and can also stand high levels of foot traffic without getting damaged. Having a durable flooring solution is a must, especially in a room that is used frequently.

Polished concrete provides extra light thanks to its reflective properties. Avoiding the use of artificial lighting will help create lower energy costs. Its cost effective and eco-friendly properties make it a popular choice in an age where people are considering the environment.

Polished concrete is available in many colours and different pebble sizes to suit the style and colour scheme of your home. From minimal to high levels of exposure, you can choose warm or cool shades along with a gloss or matte finish. Whatever options you choose, you will create a space that is truly unique and like no other. With beautiful furnishings, your luxe flooring will add a wow factor to your space that everyone will fall in love with.  

Polished concrete is a safe flooring option for a bathroom; however, it is always important to consider variables just like any other flooring solution. Having your polished concrete floors installed and sealed by a professional ensures that your floors will be safe and last a lifetime. Eco Grind are the concrete specialists and will always guarantee quality above the rest. Providing optimum service that is second to none, contact Eco Grind today and speak to one of our friendly staff to get more information on this stylish flooring solution.