Home Decorating Trends - Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Home Decorating Trends

There are now more options than ever when decorating your home – and polished concrete home decorating trends rate highly among them!

With the current and fashionable polished concrete home decorating trends, you can transform dull and drab floors into sophisticated, bright, decorative art, creating a talking point that will be the envy of guests while also providing other benefits for the home.

Concrete is naturally one of the most durable building materials available. It is inherently robust and can last decades without maintenance. Now with modern advances in concrete polishing, the slab can be enhanced further with a virtually unlimited number of textures, colours, and finishing options. And with the latest polished concrete home decorating trends, your style choices are broader than ever.

Polished concrete can be customised to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes, it can be polished with a random or full exposure, and finished with low or high gloss. It can create the same effect as more expensive flooring options like marble and porcelain but without the drawbacks of higher prices or frequent intrusive maintenance.

Other benefits can include passive heating, because of the high thermal index of concrete. It can naturally absorb heat during the day and release it at night, potentially keeping the home warmer during those bone-chilling winter months.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of polished concrete home decorating trends, the floor can resist all stains, marks and general damage. It is easy and fast to clean because the smooth surface doesn’t allow dust or mould to form, and light mopping and sweeping are all that is required to keep the floor looking as new as the day it was polished. It also works out to be cheaper over its lifetime due to the fact it can go years without needing to be repolished.

Polished concrete has become one of the more popular flooring options because of its durability, versatility, the myriad of design options and its many extra benefits it can provide for the home.

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