Sometimes, our garages need a bit of sprucing up – so why not add some polished concrete garage floors?

It gives your parking space that much needed boost without the hassle of a high-maintenance floor.

A polished concrete garage is a great option because it looks great and is a tough surface – perfect for vehicles. So what are some benefits of a polished concrete garage?


The beauty of polished concrete floors is that it takes a lot of pressure and weight. Concrete surfaces are one of the toughest out there! Going in and out of your garage won’t have you worried, as even the glossiest and most beautiful polished concrete floors will have the strength to work with any type of vehicle.


Long Lasting Shine

The polishing process and the sealers are what create such a great surface for polished concrete garage floors. They are scratch-resistant and last in prime condition for years. For garage floors, we recommend a thicker sealer, as garages are ‘high traffic’ areas, meaning they are used frequently and would cause scuffs and marks on other types of flooring.

The level of shine you choose for your garage floors, be it satin or high gloss, will remain at that level for years to come.

Polished Concrete Garage Polished Concrete Garage Polished Concrete Garage


Polished concrete garage floors are also waterproof and hypo-allergenic, meaning nothing will be absorbed and clean-up is easy!

A polished concrete floor doesn’t need any special treatment – some warm water and soap will easily clean spills or dirt (especially after a ride through a rainy day!).



The design is up to you – your garage floors can have any style of polished concrete floor you choose, from high exposure and high gloss to low exposure with minimal shine. You can sit anywhere on the spectrum of polish and exposure – for some inspiration, here are some past jobs we have done here at EcoGrind!

This past garage has a high exposure (a lot of stones visible) with a high gloss giving it a classy and sophisticated look.

Polished Concrete Garage

This Balwyn garage is a quirky bold green, with no exposure (no stone pattern at all!) and a slightly satin finish. It’s modern, bold and full of colour!

Polished Concrete Garage


For your polished concrete garage floors, contact EcoGrind for a quote!