Summer is in full swing, but there is still plenty of time to upgrade the exterior house area with some polished concrete features. The final element that will make the outdoor area summer ready is a Polished Concrete Front Porch.

One of the most prominent features of a house exterior is the front porch; it’s the first thing guests will see before entering the house and gives them their first impression. Whether it’s a small landing or an expansive wrap around porch with seats and tables, the porch is a highly visible and essential piece of the house’s exterior.

A Polished Concrete Porch can take advantage of the flexibility and design choices available with a set of stairs welcoming people to the front door. They can have the same colour and texture, creating a seamless space or they can be designed to custom specifications. Polished Concrete is highly customizable, with the ability to add patterns, stencils and be stamped to mimic other materials such as bricks tiles, or floorboards. An existing concrete front porch can be rejuvenated by having it polished and transformed from an old, drab landing into a sophisticated, colourful piece of art.

The high durability of a Polished Concrete Front Porch means less maintenance over its lifetime and more time for relaxing and enjoying those lazy summer afternoons. Sealers can be added to make it waterproof and stain resistant, keeping it pristine and easily cleaned. The seamless surface doesn’t allow grime or dust to accumulate and combined with sealers it shouldn’t take a long time to clean.

For those looking to go big, decorative polished concrete arches, walls and columns can be added to the Polished Concrete Front Porch and give the front of the house a grand, impressive appearance. The high sheen and reflectivity of polished concrete can reflect light at night and during the day. An entryway should be well lit, and any outside lighting will be reflected helping to illuminate the area making it safer. Whether its illuminating obstacles or deterring would-be thieves a Polished Concrete Front Porch will make the front of the house safer.

With the addition of a Polished Concrete Front Porch to the exterior of the house, the outdoor area should be summer ready with some safe, durable and highly versatile polished concrete.

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