Polished Concrete for Your Shop Floor

A Blank Canvas with Limitless Potential! Polished Concrete for Your Shop Floor! 

Durable, economical, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing, polished concrete shop floors will make your store feel fresh, welcoming, and allow you a blank canvas to create the floorspace of your dreams! Polished concrete floors are the unbeatable shop flooring solution! 

Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why you should consider polished concrete for your shop’s floor! 

Damage Resistant  

Polished concrete is made from, you guessed it, concrete! One of the most sturdy and long-lasting materials available, it is the trusted go-to base material for builders everywhere. Extremely resistant to cracks, scratches, scuffs, and marks, no matter how heavy or bulky your stock is, concrete will be able to handle it! 

Easy to Clean 

Unlike other popular flooring choices, polished concrete doesn’t require chemicals, complex procedures, or complicated tools to keep it looking fresh! All you need is a trusty mop and bucket to instantly bring back its original lustre! 

Polished Concrete for Your Shop Floor

Cheap to Maintain 

Once your concrete is laid and polished, it will rarely need any serious maintenance other than basic cleaning. While an occasional repolishing may be necessary, these will be years, if not decades apart! 

 A Blank Canvas! 

Polished concrete’s greatest merit as a shop floor comes from its simplicity. It’s a blank canvas allowing space to get creative and design your shop as you see fit. Unlike other floors, such as wooden floorboards or tiles, which have a strong presence and predetermined aesthetic, polished concrete gives you the freedom to choose while adding a pinch of modern elegance! 


We understand the extraordinary costs of running a shop, which is why, with its low maintenance and cleaning, plus natural insulation providing coolness during summer and retaining heat in winter, we genuinely believe polished concrete to be the most economical flooring solution available! This will provide extra savings to put into growing your business and continuing your success! 

The search for your shop floor is over! Contact Eco Grind for more information about polished concrete shop flooring today!