Do Cold Polished Concrete Floors come to mind when you think of this increasingly popular material?  When you think of concrete, you might think of it as a cold material for the home – but it can be a lot warmer than you think!  Polished concrete floors look stunning, and can give your home a feeling of depth and warmth that you would never have expected, especially in the temperamental Melbourne weather.


With some research, you’ll find that cold polished concrete floors are a bit of a myth.  Polished concrete floors have entered the mainstream building industry, partly due to their use on popular renovation shows.  They’re not just a fad however – people are quickly realizing that polished concrete floors are economical, practical and easy to maintain.  Eco Grind are experts in bringing drab slabs to life, creating a sense of modern luxury in your home! So cold polished concrete floors are a bit of a myth.

If you are building a new home with polished concrete floors, it is worth considering installing underfloor heating.  But what do you do if you are looking to grind and polish an existing concrete slab?

This is where concrete becomes a wonder material – given access to direct sunlight, it can act as a very effective thermal mass, storing the sun’s warmth and radiating the heat.  This is something that more traditional tile or stone floors can’t do.  So if your home is well positioned with good access to the sun, bring that light in and maximize its effectiveness!  If you really love the look of polished concrete floors but need a little more sunlight, you can install skylights or solar tubes.  It is also worth looking considering whether your gardens and window coverings are blocking some of that beautiful sunny warmth!

The team at Eco Grind are passionate about the beauty of polished concrete, and pride themselves in being leaders in the industry.  They love creating beautiful and unique spaces – give them a call today to see how they can bring a touch of luxury into your home!