Concrete is an incredibly versatile flooring material that can be manipulated in many different ways. With modern advances in visual concrete design, there are now more options than ever to use this durable material as a primary flooring option.

Two of the most popular visual enhancing techniques are Concrete Polishing and Concrete Floor Stencilling. Concrete Polishing enhances the concrete, it gives it a high-level sheen and has a myriad of design options. Concrete Stencilling creates visually stunning graphics that can be simple shapes or complicated pictures. They both perform a similar task but Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Stencilling which one works better?

Stencilling can come in a wide variety of patterns, graphics and opens up heaps of design choices for concrete floors; it can simulate carpet, make intricate floral designs, emblems, patterns and custom designs. It has virtually unlimited options and can impart many overlaying effects. Stencilling is an inexpensive way to hide any blemishes or damage but has limitations due to the fact it’s a coating on top of the concrete. It can chip flake and wear out, especially if it’s in a high traffic area like a shopping centre or workshop.

Polished concrete has extensive styling options that can transform the concrete.  It has different textures, colours, and finishing options available to suit a wide variety of styles. There are custom engravings, graphics and saw cuts that can create a one of a kind floor. Pebbles, shards of glass or glitter can also add to the design. Polished Concrete colours won’t fade, and because of the protective treatments, they are less susceptible to damage, from the environment, foot traffic or anything else. The cost is higher than Concrete Stencilling; however, Polished Concrete will last longer and won’t require as much maintenance in the intervening years.

Concrete Stencilling’s design choices are somewhat limited compared to Concrete Polishing because it relies on coating the top of the slab, rather than transforming the actual concrete.  However, Stencilling can cover chips or blemishes while Concrete Polishing does nothing to hide already damaged pavement. Concrete Stencilling is the cheaper option due to the small amount of equipment required, but concrete polishing may provide better long-term results, it is not susceptible to sun damage, peeling and has more options for customisation available. When deciding Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Stencilling, it’s all depends on what it’s going to be used for.

Ultimately it comes down to individual requirements to answer the question of Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Stencilling. Both options have their good and bad points but everyone has different circumstances and what works for one doesn’t always work for the other. It all comes down to personal preference; they are both suitable for a wide variety of uses; it only matters what is going to work best for your circumstances.

Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Stencilling

Polished Concrete Floors vs Concrete Floor Stencilling