With winter on the horizon, households throughout Melbourne are gearing up to survive the coming cold. While air-conditioners, fireplaces, and central heating are vital, they only work as well as the structures around them. That’s why more and more builders are recommending polished concrete floors to survive Melbourne winters, which boast a multitude of fantastic and environmentally-friendly benefits we’ll explore below!

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Polished Concrete Floors for Melbourne Winters


Thermal Mass and Passive Design

According to the Australian Government’s Your Home website, thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to “absorb, store and release heat.” Polished concrete floors have one of the highest thermal masses, significantly greater than alternatives like timber. This allows heat to be stored within the concrete for a longer period, keeping the interior warm even after heating has been turned off. Naturally, homes with polished concrete floors are significantly more energy efficient, using the notion of “passive design” to work with the environment to retain an equitable temperature.

Resist Outside Muck

Wintertime in Melbourne is wet, and that means mud. Parents in particular are all too familiar with the pain of muddy footprints on carpet. Thankfully, polished concrete floors are a breeze to clean – all you need is a mop and bucket!

Great for Indoor Lifestyles

Finding something for kids to do indoors on cold, rainy days is a headache. And an activity that makes no mess is near impossible. However, with polished concrete floors, you can let your kids go wild and unleash their creative spirits through arts, crafts, and more without worrying about damage. And if you’re the creative type yourself, well, let’s just say you don’t see many artists with carpet…

It’s not too late to have your concrete polished in time for winter! Contact us today to get the ball rolling and guarantee yourself a warm, fun, and environmentally friendly Melbourne winter!