The professional team from EcoGrind were recently in Berwick, situated in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs, to transform this home’s living area with our renown Polished Concrete Floors.

The colours of the aggregate compliment the room and surrounding spaces beautifully. Polished Concrete Floors gives any space an everlasting, timeless appearance that is easy to keep looking fresh, modern and stylish.


EcoGrind, Polished Concrete Floors Berwick are experts in polishing concrete floors. Using state of the art concrete grinding equipment, we first grind down the very top layer of the existing concrete to bring out the stunning pebble aggregate sitting just under the surface.

This is then given a polish and a sealant, in colours and styles to suit any space in any size. The end result is a gorgeous floor that is easy to clean and maintain, long lasting, allergen resistant and stain resistant to everyday spills.


EcoGrind – Polished Concrete Floors Berwick

Polished Concrete Floors Berwick by EcoGrind


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