Polished Concrete Finishes

You’re thinking about investing in concrete polishing, but what sort of polished concrete finishes are available?

Polished concrete is an incredibly versatile flooring option with many benefits that can suit both commercial and personal uses. Polished concrete finishes also provide a durable, safe and customisable surface.

Polished concrete provides a large number of finishes that can suit a wide range of different purposes, including increased durability, easier maintenance, and enhanced appearance. Polished concrete finishes come in a wide variety of options – for those who want the full stone effect, the concrete can be ground down before it’s polished to expose the aggregate beneath, or it can be ground down in patches, leaving small areas with exposed aggregate.

Depending on the coarseness of the blades used to grind the slab, there are options for low to high sheen finishes. The lower polish is only a basic polish, will leave more surface imperfections and is more widely used when the function is more important than aesthetics.

The higher polish levels ensure that there are no imperfections visible and achieve a higher gloss level, increasing light levels and the overall look. The higher levels are usually reserved for showrooms and homes, where aesthetics and the reflection of light are important.

There are also different types of polish that can add different colour and textures to create your own custom designed floor. Pebbles, crushed glass and glitter can all be added to the mix to create a unique design. Polished concrete finishes provides many benefits – some hide the blemishes in the slabs, while others expose them. Polished concrete has a finish that suits everyone.

Polished concrete can mimic other design choices such as pavers and timber but with all the strength and benefits of concrete, and if polished concrete is anywhere else on the property, the colour scheme can be made to flow seamlessly with other areas.

If you are interested in finding out what polished concrete finishes work for your floors, or would like an obligation free quote, contact Eco Grind today. We can steer you in the right direction and create a practical masterpiece in your home or workplace.

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