Have you ever dreamed of an additional bonus space that is practical and sophisticated?  It’s not as far away as you might think – just like this polished concrete Coburg bonus room!

Take it from these home-owners, who added a whole lot of value to their floors with polished concrete Coburg.

Situated just north of the CBD, Coburg boasts a wide and multicultural demographic, making it one of the most exciting up-and-coming suburbs in Melbourne.  Families, retirees, hipsters and university students all call this cool location home.

With vintage, period-style homes surrounded by lots of heritage buildings and public transport, Coburg is spoilt for choice when it comes to trendy cafés and nightlife.  The relaxed, yet vibrant energy adds to the appeal, making it a great location for investment or living.

But what do you do if your charming, period dwelling has limited space?  You build an extension – and like this bonus room, give it a modern twist with polished concrete Coburg.  The possibilities are endless.  You can use the space for a games room or extra living, an office or al fresco area.  Or turn it into a kids’ zone and let them zoom around on their wheels of choice.

Due to its significant 20-something and student demographic, Coburg is a high rental area, with properties in great demand!  This makes it a secure spot for an investment property.  To add even more value, and ensure that your property is well-treated, polished concrete Coburg is the perfect flooring choice.  It’s the ultimate solution when it comes to durability, practicality and easy maintenance.  Imagine, as a landlord, never having to worry about stained carpets, scratched floorboards or cracked tiles!

If you want to achieve a look just like this polished concrete Coburg, full exposure with a high gloss finish is the way to go.  This means a small amount of concrete is ground from the top of the slab in order to achieve the maximum exposure of aggregate possible.  A well-laid concrete slab will give the best quality full exposure finish, with a more consistent or even look to the aggregate when completed.  The owners of this property opted for a high gloss sealant to finish the floor, but matte sealants are also available if you want a more muted appearance.

When considering a full exposure finish, it is important to consult with your builder or concreter, and talk to a professional concrete polishing company like Eco Grind.

Contact us today for a chat or an obligation-free quote.  Whether it is for a bonus room, your entire home or a business, you can rest assured that with Eco Grind, your floors are in good hands!