Polished Concrete BBQ Areas

Summer is here! But there is still plenty of time to get backyards summer ready with some strategically placed polished concrete. With its virtually unlimited array of colours, textures and durability it is an ideal floor finishing regardless of where it goes in the backyard.

BBQs are a staple of a typical Australian summer, for this summer consider adding some polished concrete to the BBQ area. Polished Concrete BBQ Areas can be customised with a virtually unlimited number of textures and colours to make a unique space that is also soft and cool underfoot.

Polished Concrete isn’t exclusively used for floors; it can also construct benchtops and tables in all different shapes and sizes. If there is already polished concrete in the house, around the pool or any other area they can all be seamlessly blended together in the same colour, pattern or texture creating a functional artistic design.

Polished concrete is strong and durable; it won’t be marked by the cumbersome BBQ equipment or by furniture and tables. It can be made slip resistant with sealers and is naturally heat resistant; making sure the concrete won’t melt or fade in the hot summer sun. Polished concrete won’t mark or stain when spills occur, whether its grease, food, beer or whatever else gets spilled on it.

Polished Concrete BBQ Areas glossy coat can reflect light improving natural lighting and creating a serene space to eat, cook or just chill. Polished Concrete BBQ Areas are simple and easy to clean with no need for harsh chemicals or other cleaning products, its smooth, seamless surface is easily cleaned with simple mopping. The uninterrupted surface permits no mould, mildew or allergens to accumulate and prevents weeds and pests from taking hold.

Polished Concrete BBQ Areas are practical, aesthetic and expressive. They are also simple to maintain and clean leaving plenty of time for activities this sunny season. Keep watching this space for more on how to use polished concrete in outdoor areas and make the backyard summer ready.