Lurking in garages all across Melbourne are stained and tired-looking concrete floors.  But they can be brought back to life – like this polished concrete Balwyn makeover.

The owners of the property decided on a bold green for their garage floors.  And why not?  A roomy garage, whether it is home to prized wheels or a multi-purpose space, can make a fun, bright statement without affecting the home’s sophisticated interior.

These polished concrete Balwyn garage floors perfectly illustrate the versatility on offer with concrete polishing.

Old stains and drab greys are covered up with a quality finish and smooth, consistent colour.  Other options include matte or gloss sealants and anti-slip surfaces.

There are many advantages for giving your garage floors the polished concrete Balwyn treatment!  It’s easy to clean spills, dust and dirt, and provides a heavy duty base for whatever task your garage is dedicated to.  You can hide away old imperfections and cracks, and add some colour to your day.

You may use your garage to house your cars, or as a workshop.  Or perhaps, like many other Melburnians, your garage is a home gym, converted office, storage area or studio.  Whatever you choose to do with this bonus space, durable and easy-to-maintain floors are an absolute must.

Whether you opt for a unique, stylish finish with random exposure, a simple grind and seal, or want a cheerful, standout look like this polished concrete Balwyn job – you’ll find it the ideal balance of practicality and sophistication.

There’s no need to hide your floors away, or let them continue to live as a tired and neglected surface any longer.  The team of experts at Eco Grind can help you decide on the best options for your own concrete slab.

Don’t be stuck with dreary, run of the mill concrete floors. Contact Eco Grind today, and bring some colour to every corner of your space!