Perfect Outdoor Surfaces – Concrete Floors with Rocks

Look around at driveways and entertainment areas and you’ll find Concrete Floors with Rocks stand out from their plain grey counterparts.

Technically known as acid etched concrete or exposed aggregate, concrete floors with rocks are the perfect surface for all outdoor areas.

Not only brilliant for driveways and patios, these concrete floors with rocks are also ideal for footpaths and paths, pool surrounds and wet areas. This is in part due to the variety of colour and style options. Exposed aggregate can range from classic blacks and greys to rustic reds and browns.

Durable surfaces such as acid etch or exposed aggregate also have another advantage, providing a safe, non-slip feature whether wet or dry.

Choosing between acid etch or exposed aggregate will depend on the type of area you are working with and its purpose.

Concrete Floors with Rocks
Driveways and paths

Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for these outdoor zones, achieved by washing away the top layer of the mix once the concrete has set for a few hours. Washing off the top layer exposes the aggregate – or rocks – in the mix, revealing rich colours and textures.

Concrete Floors with Rocks
Pool surrounds and patios

If you are looking for a surface that is as kind to feet and stunning as it is safe in the wet, then acid etch is the likely option. This method can be used on existing concrete slabs and involves grinding the surface to full exposure before applying an acid mix that etches the finer concrete mix around the stones.

Acid etching allows you to achieve the brilliant look and safety of exposed aggregate, with the added comfort of a smoother surface.


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