How does your Patio Concrete look?  We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather in Melbourne this past week, a sunny sign that the end of Winter is near and Spring is just around the corner!  And as we peek out our back door many of us see the aftermath of Winter – patio concrete, backyards and outdoor areas that need a little TLC before we can relax and enjoy the warmth and fresh Spring air.


Acid Etch Melbourne

Acid Etch Melbourne

Patio concrete and outdoor areas are Australian icons – we love outdoor cooking in Summer, family barbecues, birthday parties and in recent years the backyard pizza oven.

But many families have outdoor areas that are looking a bit tired, and perhaps you look at the surface with the intent to freshen it up one day.  You might not be sure how, or how much it will cost, but know that it can be done.  An outdoor transformation like this could sit on your wishlist for years.

Or you could call Eco Grind for an obligation free quote.  Eco Grind are experts in updating patio and pergola surfaces, brightening up backyards and giving families a sense of pride in their outdoor space.

One of the most effective methods is Acid Etching, which not only looks fantastic but also provides a non-slip surface.  The added safety is great for peace of mind, while our small children and other loved ones enjoy playing or spending time together in a beautiful space.

Call Eco Grind today and see how they can bring new life to your outdoor space this Spring and Summer!