Does your backyard need a little ‘oomph’? Have no idea where to start?


Concrete may be one of the best decisions you could make for your outdoor patio flooring.


Here at EcoGrind, we focus on both indoor and outdoor flooring because we know how important a solid surface is! We have two great options to recommend for outdoor patio flooring, and that includes polished concrete floors and acid etch flooring.

outdoor patio flooring


Polished Concrete Floors


A go-to when it comes to sustainable floor, polished concrete floors are great for outdoor areas because of their longevity and maintainability.

Polished concrete floors come with many different customizable features including the amount of shine (from satin to high gloss), the amount of exposure (low to high) and the type of sealer (acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane).

The process includes grinding down the polished concrete to the desired level of shine and exposure and then sealing it all up with a lovely seal. Once dried, your polished concrete floors will be shiny, scratch-resistant and waterproof – perfect for the outdoors!

Polished concrete floors are also pet-friendly, because they leave behind no harmful chemical residues and don’t need any harsh maintenance like some hardwood floors or tiles.

Whether there is a wild thunderstorm or a messy outdoor activity that needs cleaning up after, polished concrete floors need only a sweep or a mop with warm water.

outdoor patio flooring

outdoor patio flooring


Acid Etch Floors


Acid etch is a bit more textured type of outdoor patio flooring. Polished concrete floors are smooth and level, whereas acid etch retains the natural bumps and crack of the stones within the concrete flooring.

The process includes an acid wash that opens the pores of the concrete and allows it to absorb the necessary chemicals.

Once dried, the acid etch flooring is safe for animals and children, and is long-lasting and needs minimal maintenance.

It has a beautiful and rough surface for those that enjoy a textured floor, and has the same level of longevity and maintenance as a polished concrete floor.

outdoor patio flooring

outdoor patio flooring



For your outdoor patio flooring solutions, contact us at EcoGrind for more information.