If your patio or al fresco area is a blank canvas, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Outdoor Decorating Tips are sure to inspire!

Outdoor living is one of the great loves of Australians, and nothing beats relaxing in the fresh air. To make the most of your external living areas, here are our favourite outdoor decorating tips, ready to help turn your humble exterior into an inviting haven for yourself and your loved ones.

Nothing but nature

When outside, surround yourself with nature! Choosing décor and furniture items that are made from natural materials is a sure-fire way to create impact while also giving a nod to the beauty that is the Aussie outdoors.

We love timber and cane items, which just happen to look amazing and complement acid etched concrete or other concrete surface types.

Warm and cosy

That soft, warm and oh-so-comfy feeling isn’t just an indoor thing. Cushions, blankets, and open fires have made their way outside, with many outdoor living areas now being a fluid extension of indoor living rooms. Check out some of the beautiful outdoor cushion and bean bag options for extra soothing vibes!

Outdoor Decorating Tips
Simply Green

Whether you have a large garden to gaze upon, or just enough room for a few strategic pot plants, bring in the green to soften the hard lines of outdoor structures and add a touch of wild to your space. If you are a keen or fledgling gardener, why not go for edible options, with some potted herbs, salad greens, or hanging strawberry and tomato plants. Green never goes out of style.

Don’t forget functionality!

One of our best outdoor decorating tips isn’t so much about aesthetics but is all about keeping your area functional. Consider what you need to make outdoor living an absolute pleasure. We recommend creating zones for different purposes. Cooking, lounging, and more active endeavours all use space differently, and setting up your external living area to accommodate different activities makes good sense and enhances simplicity and enjoyment.

We know that practical makes perfect, so bars, fridges, waste solutions, and storage should all be integrated into your outdoor zones if you want to make the most of them!


At Eco Grind, we get to see lots of great outdoor entertainment areas and have seen firsthand just how well these beautifully-designed spaces are made even better by quality concrete finishes such as acid etching, grind and seal, and concrete polishing.

To get your outdoor living dreams underway, contact the Eco Grind team today.