Give your home exterior a makeover with one of Eco Grind’s Outdoor Concrete Floor Finishes.

It’s cold outside, which means now is the perfect time to update your outdoor concrete floor finishes before the warm weather reemerges in a few months!



There are some stunning outdoor concrete floor finishes to choose from, finishes that promise to bring new life to your external living areas. Just because it’s concrete does not mean it has to be dull.

So, what sort of finishes could you opt for to spruce up these areas?

Acid etch for your outdoor concrete floor finishes

Acid etch is the ideal surface for exterior paths, driveways, and pool surrounds. Also known as exposed aggregate, this method involves applying an acid wash to open the pores of the slab and give the concrete a smooth, sand-textured finish. Being non-slip, it adds the element of safety to the finish, as well as aesthetics.

Colour and style

While your original slab might look as grey as a stormy sky, amazing things can happen when aggregate is exposed. You can say hello to unique patterns, which can vary in tone depending on stones. If you are yet to pour your concrete, it pays to chat to polished concrete professionals beforehand. They can help you with the best mix to give your surface something extra.

Outdoor Concrete Floor Finishes

Durable and easy to maintain

Your concrete surface won’t just look good, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor area will be able to withstand rough treatment. Kids, pets, and parties are nothing when pitted against your acid etch outdoor areas.

When it’s time for a clean, your blower vac and high-pressure hose will wash away all the evidence of shenanigans and Melbourne’s “versatile” weather.


For more information on how you can update your external concrete floor finishes, contact the expert team at Eco Grind today.