officer grind & seal


Are you considering grind and seal for your outdoor patios but are unsure of the benefits? There are at least five benefits you should consider:

1. UV resistant coating

UV resistant coating would be particularly beneficial for officer grind and seal patios. Patios are constantly exposed to sunlight and UV resistant coating would prevent the patios from yellowing, fading or discolouring.


2. Lower installation costs

Officer grind and seal patios cost less to install than polished concrete. This would be particularly beneficial if you have just spent money renovating and/or decorating the interior of your home, but also want a quality patio surface.

officer grind and seal

3. Slip resistant

Officer grind and seal patios are also slip resistant. This is beneficial for outdoor patios when hosing the yard/s, during periods of heavy rain, if you have kids running around, and/or if you have loved ones living with you who are elderly, injured or have medical conditions.


4. Easy to clean

Officer grind and seal patios are known for their ability to be easily cleaned. This is a crucial benefit for patios as they are constantly exposed to the elements, human wear and tear, and heavy outdoor furniture and features (e.g. barbecues) which can leave marks and messes.

grind & seal

5. Choose your own style

With officer grind and seal floors, you have the option of choosing your own style for your patio, by being able to choose the level of stone exposure and gloss that suits your needs and desires. You also have the option of having the concrete dyed a specific colour during the installation process if you wish.


These are just 5 of the many benefits of officer grind and seal for your outdoor patios. All you have to do now talk to Ecogrind here, as they can help with a look to both your house and yard.