Sleek and Slip-free! South Melbourne Non-Slip Grind and Seal.

Our team recently visited the wonderful district of South Melbourne to complete a Non-slip Grind and Seal polished concrete job.

Fortunately, the job was once again a great success, and ended-up looking even better than we expected! As you can see, we managed to get a nice balance of aggregate and colour, creating a very sharp and distinct look.

After a consultation with our team, our customers decided to select Non-slip Grind and Seal polished concrete for their flooring solution. We completely agreed with this decision, as this method of flooring is one of the best available and is relevantly cheaper when compared with other polished concrete flooring methods.

One of the benefits of this selection is that the floor is slip-proof. This is something that most of our customers care about and we can understand why! Slippery floors are extremely dangerous, especially on a hard surface such as concrete. That’s why we use a special product to ensure that the floor has a slight texture that will generate firm tension and support, thereby making sure you won’t slip easily! So, if slipping on polished concrete is one of the reasons you feel unsure about getting it for your property, you no longer need worry!

To create the look achieved in this South Melbourne job, we used a grind and seal method. This is done by grinding down concrete, whether it be new or existing, to a desired level. We grinded this customer’s concrete down to a rather low level, allowing the aggregate to appear quite large and clear. A lesser grind can be done to, which would mean that the aggregate appears smaller and closer together.

Next, we grind the floor again, but this time a lot more carefully and with a diamond grinder. This allows us to be precise and abolish all marks and blemishes.

Once the floor is nicely grinded, we grout the floor and then seal it. We have a variety of different sealers each with a varying effect and finish. We can guide you through each one and let you choose.

After this is done, the job is complete! Your stunning and modern concrete floor is ready for you to walk on! And, the best thing is, the strength and clarity of the finish will last for years without you having to do anything! Our customer in South Melbourne was very satisfied with the work, and gave us a glowing review. All in all, it was a good day.

If you too would like to reap all the benefits of Non-Slip Grind & Seal polished concrete flooring for your property, call us today!



Non-Slip Grind and Seal
Non-Slip Grind and Seal
Non-Slip Grind and Seal