When people ask us “What kind of polished concrete is good for my business?” we often advise Nil Exposure Concrete.

As a question we receive almost on the daily, we felt it was high time to give a concrete response on our blog! While the answer naturally depends upon the character of your business and the products you offer, more often than not we find ourselves in favour of nil exposure concrete polishing.

What is Nil Exposure?

Also known as a ‘light finish’, nil exposure is the lightest possible level of concrete grinding available. Using state-of-the-art machines, we delicately remove a thin layer from the top, culminating in a smooth and polished finish that doesn’t expose the aggregate buried underneath.

Despite only grinding a fraction of the surface, the resulting polish is still brilliant, allowing customers to enjoy a harmonised flooring solution that doesn’t dominate the room or clash with décor.

Nil Exposure Concrete
Why Do We Recommend Nil Exposure for Businesses?

With the patterns removed, the finished product appears professional, sophisticated, and modern. For cutting-edge, 21st  century operations, these are the qualities that present well with customers and clients! Whether it’s a warehouse, showroom, factory floor, or office, your space will be completely transformed, perking up your staff and wowing all those who set foot inside.

Not Just Business

Of course, you’re free to relish the elegance of this style of polished concrete in your home, too. Perfect for entertaining spaces, its no-frills industrial aura gives you freedom to furnish as you please!

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Arguably one of the best facets of a concrete floor, nil exposure is able to easily withstand the harshest, messiest operations without losing its initial gleam. Cleanup and maintenance are also a breeze, with a simple mop and bucket doing most of the labour. These low-maintenance benefits will save you money and countless hours!


To learn more about nil exposure and other concrete flooring solutions, take a gander at our past blogs, latest works, or give the Eco Grind team a call today!