Did you know that it’s National Asthma Week? National Asthma Week is held in the first week of spring, from September 1 to 7.


The aim of National Asthma Week is to raise awareness of the effects of asthma and to help those affected by it manage their condition through action plans. This is especially important as one in 10 Australians is asthmatic. Raising awareness has been achieved in a variety of ways by businesses, individuals and even the government.national asthma week

National Asthma Week provides the perfect opportunity for those affected by asthma or knows someone who is, to brush up on their first aid. There are first aid courses available that specifically focus on asthma—what the symptoms and triggers are of an attack, the different types of medication and the devices used to administer it, and how to deliver asthma-specific first aid. These courses are beneficial for teachers, carers’ and even parents of children with asthma.

Raising awareness of asthma during National Asthma Week doesn’t have to be restricted to managing the condition through medications. Raising awareness can include the different ways to make the life of those with asthma easier. For example, if you are affected by asthma or live with someone who is and are renovating your home, polished concrete is a good choice of flooring.

national asthma week

Polished concrete floors are ideal for asthma sufferers as they do not collect dust or allergens and can drastically aid in reducing allergies in the home. They are also pet and child friendly with no chemical residues or waxes needed to maintain it.

So there you have it, now you know all about National Asthma Week! Make sure to protect your home from unwanted allergens and to help you or your loved owns who suffer from asthma by chosing polished concrete floors as your next home flooring solution. Contact us at EcoGrind for a quote.