Here at EcoGrind, we can give you the floors you want whether your home is built or not!

Our latest project took place in Narre Warren North, where we polished and sealed a beautiful grey concrete base.

Narre Warren North Polished Concrete

The outline for the home was ready to go, so the crew got started on grinding down the surface of the concrete slab to an even shine. With a sealer applied, the Narre Warren North lot was ready to dry and have a home built upon it.

By opting to complete the polished concrete floors first, there is more room to work and get the best results. Our professional grinding and polishing equipment can cover all the hard to reach places that would otherwise be there with a pre-built space. Additionally, your sealer will have the chance to dry completely in the open air in less time than a closed space.

Choosing a polished concrete floor for your new home – just like this Narre Warren North lot – is one of the most popular and economical choices today.

Many new home builders are looking a way to spend less on building expenses whilst remaining modern and sustainable. A polished concrete floor is not only a less expensive route, but one that can be maintained easily. With its scratch resistant surface and hypo allergenic quality, your floors will be looking brand new for years to come. Not to mention it’s a quick and easy clean!

This particular job in Narre Warren North has the concrete poured evenly without any separations. Therefore, the entire house will have a consistent floor without any lines, unlike tiles or floor boards. This creates a delightfully modern look and sustains it throughout the home.

If you’re looking for polished concrete floors for your new home, Contact Us at EcoGrind for a quote today!