Mt Dandenong Polished Concrete


Mount Dandenong is the ideal place for polished concrete flooring solutions. The township of Mount Dandenong settled on the mountain in 1893. By 1900, the town had a general store and a primary school. Residents were aware that their town was in an amazing location, with so much natural beauty all around them. Ever since, the township have been committed to maintaining and preserving the lush greenery which surrounds their living spaces. They have historically protested major industrial projects, such as the suggestion of a building of a “Melbourne” sign on the side of the mountain. For these reasons, our projects are desired in this area, as well as many others. Residents can bring an element of beauty into their homes, and simultaneously minimise environmental damage.

mount dandenong polished concrete

This Mount Dandenong polished concrete floors project is truly incredible to behold. This space appears instantly more spacious, the gorgeous, sleek floors drawing attention to the stunning design of this house. It makes the most of open plan living, accentuating the wide exposed space. Indeed, these floors are perfect for children to run around on. There is no need for extensive cleaning productions or expensive maintenance fees to preserve the integrity and quality of the flooring. Mould and chip resistant, one can envision many afternoons playing on these floors and embracing their youthful side.

Mt Dandenong Polished Concrete Floors – Designs

The unique patterns on these Mount Dandenong polished concrete floors are yet another reason so many are opting for this type of flooring. Through windows, you can see the wild trees, each one strong and beautiful in their own right. This floor is just as sturdy and one-of-a-kind, adding a certain character to every room in which it is installed. Polished concrete is a great option for anyone who wants every element of their interior design to be eye-catching, as these floors instantly garner waves of positive attention. EcoGrind are the experts in transforming your home with polished concrete floors.

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mount dandenong concrete polishing