Concrete isn’t the dull, drab building material it used to be seen as.  Just check out this open cut Mount Evelyn concrete polishing project.

The Mount Evelyn concrete polishing job shows how a concrete slab can be transformed into an easy-to-clean, sophisticated floor that is perfect for your entire home.

Polished concrete is great for residential homes.  During the Mount Evelyn concrete polishing work, we did the initial grinding on an open cut slab.  This makes the polished concrete process much easier for everyone involved.

When the home is near completion, the Eco Grind team will return to complete the process.  Polishing and sealing a concrete floor makes use of concrete’s already impressive durability and also opens it up to a myriad of new design options that allow owners to reflect their own personal style and tastes.


Mount Evelyn Concrete Polishing
Mount Evelyn Concrete Polishing

Sealers are applied to increase its durability even further and are available in either Epoxy, Acrylic or Polyurethane. Sealers come in satin or gloss finishes.

Aside from the aesthetic choices, polished concrete offers a whole host of other benefits to the workplace or home. While the smooth, uninterrupted surface doesn’t allow mould or allergens to take hold, this also has the bonus of making the floor easier to clean.

There are passive design elements to polished concrete as well.  Due to concrete’s naturally high thermal mass, it can retain the heat absorb during the day and slowly release it at night.

Polished concrete floors are a stunning addition to any home.  This Mount Evelyn concrete polishing project shows how with good planning and a clear design vision, your new home can really shine!  If you would like to find out more about the benefits of open cut concrete polishing, Eco Grind can help.

For more information about polishing your concrete floors, contact Eco Grind today. We’ll bring your tired, dull slab back to life.

Mount Evelyn Polished Concrete