Mooroolbark Polished Concrete

Mooroolbark is truly a remarkable and historic location, which lends itself to family life. The name, given to the now suburb by the Wurundjeri people, has a dual meaning; connecting it to nature. Rough translations of the suburb’s name come out with it meaning both “red earth” and “the place where the wide waters meet”. Such a location must have its natural assets preserved and protected, and citizens within the region must be forward thinking and committed to upholding its natural integrity through conservation. As such, these Mooroolbark polished concrete floors are the ideal flooring solution for any young family or household in an area with a stunning environmental vista.

mooroolbark concrete polishing

Images of these stunning Mooroolbark polished concrete floors reveal their uncanny ability to reveal unique patterns under different lighting. No polished concrete floor is ever the same, each has an individual design which simply pops under radiant lighting. When used in rooms with several windows, the room appears bigger; light refracting off of the floor and drawing eyes up and around the space. This is because the polishing of the floors give them a simply striking appearance, as well as a statement sheen. You’ve heard of feature walls – but what about feature floors? Veritably, these floors are an eye-catching highlight in this modern Australian home. Though they are undoubtedly a prominent part of the house’s rooms, the neutral colouring of the Mooroolbark polished concrete allows the house owners or interior designer to take creative risks. Both bold, bright coloured furniture and more muted colour schemes are suitable in rooms that are fitted with this innovative flooring.

mooroolbark concrete polish

This Mooroolbark home has been brought to life by the use of a cost-effective, modern and stylish floor surface. Polished concrete offers the modern home owner a new take on interior design, giving them more options than ever before. Contact Ecogrind here to answer any questions you may have.