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Melbourne Outdoor Polished Concrete – Don’t be Fooled!

Our Melbourne Outdoor polished concrete is versatile and beautiful. But don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives that lack quality.

Not all outdoor concrete is created equal and not all things that look like concrete are really concrete. Just like a Halloween mask, sometimes, what you see is in fact not what you get and although these cheap alternatives can save you some money now, how will they stand the ultimate test of time?


Don’t be Fooled by Concrete Overlay

A concrete overlay is a thin layer of concrete that’s been applied over an existing surface. Sure, it can look very similar to polished concrete but such a thin layer doesn’t maintain the durability of concrete leaving it prone to cracking and chipping. It won’t be long before it’s pretty obvious that it really ain’t concrete!


Don’t be Fooled by Concrete Paint

Yes, this is a very cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your outdoor polished concrete surfaces, but like most paints, it can wear off and chip just like a concrete overlay.

It doesn’t maintain the durability of a polished concrete surface nor will it give you the variability or options.


Don’t be Fooled by Epoxy Coatings

This is a more popular choice for outdoor concrete surfaces as it is more durable than a painted surface, but not as durable as polished concrete, of course. You probably aren’t surprised to hear they can be prone to chipping and flaking but did you know that because they aren’t UV resistant, an epoxy coating will discolor over time?


Don’t be Fooled by Stamped Concrete

This cheaper alternative aims to replicate the look of natural stone or concrete aggregate, but once again, it’s just a mask and will deteriorate over time. Like any surface coating will.


outdoor pool concrete polishing
outdoor polished concrete

Don’t be Fooled!

Remember that our Melbourne outdoor polished concrete consists of a single material that has had its surface prepared and polished, therefore, it won’t chip or flake or crack or discolor. The cost-effective ways above may give you a similar appearance to outdoor polished concrete, but it can’t last and a closer look will quickly reveal the lies it’s trying to tell.

So don’t be a fool.

Don’t be the butt of the joke.

Don’t be fooled by inferiority.

The real thing is always so much better.

April Fool’s Day or not, give us a call, and let’s chat and find out what we can do to help you avoid being fooled.